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Strengthen Your Relationship with Couples Counseling

People make a lot of assumptions about therapy, especially when it involves relationships. For instance, you may assume your problems aren’t “bad” enough to warrant therapy, or that your relationship is broken beyond repair. However, these misconceptions couldn’t be further from the truth.

At All Day Medical Care Clinic, our licensed health counselors provide group, family, and marriage counseling services at their locations in Gaithersburg, Urbana, and Silver Spring, Maryland. Here are a few ways couples counseling can help strengthen relationships of all kinds.

Build vital skills

Do you remember learning to add or multiply in math class as a kid? How about learning to write or read? Those are general skills that most of us learned to prepare us for adulthood. But another valuable skill doesn’t get taught in school: relationship skills.

Some of the most essential tools we need to nurture relationships involve active listening, intimacy, conflict resolution, and vulnerability. Instead of learning these skills in the classroom, people often pick them up from their parents, families, and friends — or not at all.

During couples counseling, our team helps individuals learn the tools they need to build and sustain healthy adult relationships. Even if you don’t have issues to work on, gaining these insights through couples therapy can help create an even stronger partnership.

Clarify dynamics

As unique individuals, we all bring something different to our relationships. However, since these dynamics vary so greatly from person to person, it can be challenging to grasp how they can impact relationships. This may not seem like a big problem, but it can cause major issues in a relationship when your motivations don’t match your partner’s and vice versa.

Fortunately, couples counseling can help clarify the dynamics at play in a relationship, which can help build a greater understanding of the motivations, assumptions, and ongoing issues in a relationship. 

Offer perspective

Have you ever heard that you can be too close to a problem to solve it? This is especially true when it relates to an intimate relationship. And, unfortunately, this can make it difficult to find a way to move forward.

Going through couples counseling can help provide perspective in numerous ways. First, your therapist can observe the situation subjectively and without bias or judgment. Not only can this help clarify the problem for the couple, but it can also offer greater perspective into how each person in the relationship feels. 

Gaining increased perspective on a situation can provide the insight needed to determine the best path forward.

Nurture understanding

Research suggests that couples who undergo counseling often struggle an average of 4-6 years before seeking professional help. Waiting to get help can put unnecessary strain on individuals and relationships, weaken emotional bonds, and cause significant damage.

Instead, attending couples therapy  — even if your relationship seems good — can help increase understanding and strengthen your bond. Plus, your sessions can help build coping mechanisms and positive tools to help you and your partner work together in healthy ways. This can be especially valuable when difficult moments arise, such as financial stress, work struggles, or a health crisis.

If you’re ready to strengthen your relationship with couples counseling, book an appointment online or over the phone with All Day Medical Care Clinic today.

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