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The common cold is frustrating. Whether you saw it coming because it’s going around your office or school or you’re surprised at your symptoms, all you want to do is get better. All Day Medical Care Clinic is here to help. They offer walk-in and urgent care at their offices in Gaithersburg, Bethesda, Columbia, Maryland, and Urbana, Maryland so you can get the treatment you need to heal quickly. They also offer treatment for the cold from their satellite office in Silver Spring, Maryland. Call them or book an appointment online to get started with care, or simply walk in as soon as you experience symptoms.

Cold Q & A

What is the cold?

The common cold is a viral infection that affects your upper respiratory tract, meaning you feel it in your throat, chest, and nose. And, as the name implies, the common cold is widespread. Most people experience at least two colds a year. 

The symptoms of the cold include:

  • Coughing
  • A runny or congested nose
  • A sore throat
  • Sneezing
  • Mild body aches
  • Congestion

Can the common cold be treated?

While there’s no cure for the common cold, there is an effective treatment. All Day Medical Care Clinic is dedicated to getting you relief from your symptoms. Some of the treatments they offer include:

Pain relievers

If your symptoms are causing you pain, All Day Medical Care Clinic recommends the right pain relievers — and the right dosage — to safely and effectively treat them. 

Cough syrups

Coughing when your throat is already sore only worsens the way you feel. With proper use of cough syrups, you can minimize your coughing so your body can relax. 

Nasal sprays

Nasal sprays help to break up the congestion in your sinuses and chest. There are also drops available that work similarly. 


As simple as it seems, rest is a powerful tool your body uses to heal itself. Getting enough sleep and resting throughout the day helps you bounce back from your cold more quickly. Plus, staying home from work or school prevents you from spreading the cold. 


It’s important that you stay hydrated as you recover. All Day Medical Care Clinic recommends plenty of water or warm water-based liquids like tea or hot water with lemon, which feels soothing on a sore throat. Similarly, soups are a great way to soothe your throat while nourishing and hydrating your body. 

How do I get started with cold treatment?

All Day Medical Care Clinic believes that you shouldn’t have to wait to get relief from your symptoms. They offer seven-day-a-week walk-in urgent care services from their Gaithersburg, Maryland, office. 

If you’re experiencing symptoms, all you need to do is show up at their office to meet with one of their dedicated health care providers. Then, the team recommends treatments to give you relief from your symptoms and help you heal as quickly as possible. 

Don’t let your cold linger. Call All Day Medical Care Clinic, book your appointment online, or simply walk into their office today.